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 Next Workshops:

 Brisbane Saturday 3rd June 2017



Brisbane info: Registration at 8.30 for a 9am start, finish by 4.30pm. It will be held at The Lime Zone Cnr of Drane St and Bayview Terrace Clayfield

Melbourne info: Registration at 9am for a 9.30 start, finish by 5pm.  It will be held at The Kathleen Syme Centre 251 Faraday St Carlton


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Why not just read the book?

Some of us are readers and some of us are not – you do not need to ever read the book to gain from this workshop.

Good intentions are often swamped by time – doing this workshop allows you the space to set aside a day to learn together – the rest is then up to you.

Are these workshops effective?

The short answer is YES and the research backs this up.  Gottman has followed up couples who have attended his workshops and found that after learning the skills in a workshop only 20% nine months later had gone back to their old ways.

He also found that the workshop format is an effective method for teaching the skills required to lower the risk of divorce.

In addition you get a whole day of relationship education for little more than the cost of a 90min Couples Counselling session.

Where will I find lunch?

When you register you will receive all the information you need for a great day including lunch! 

Do we have to come as a couple?

Relationship education works best when both in the relationship hear the same information at the same time.  And there will be practical exercises that you do with your partner so please come together.  

Is this workshop relevant to Gay and Lesbian Couples?

YES Dr. Gottman and his colleagues conducted a twelve-year study of same-sex couples to learn what makes same-sex relationships succeed or fail. The research demonstrates that all couple types—straight or gay—have many of the same problems and the same paths to staying happy together. But research has shown that there are also some qualities of strength (like humor and ability to calm down during a fight) that are especially key to same-sex couples.

Read more about this research in the Journal of Homosexuality here.

I have friends who would also be interested in this.  Would it be weird being in this workshop with friends?

As there is no personal sharing about the ins and outs of your relationship it would be about as weird as being at school or at work training with your friends.  In addition having friends who support healthy relationships is good for your relationship long term so please bring them along.


It is easier than you think to create an amazing, fulfilling relationship. You just need to know how…

Maybe you’re in a loving, committed relationship, and want to ensure it stays that way?

Maybe your relationship is good, maybe great, but you want it to be amazing on all levels?

Maybe you are just starting out and want to make sure you know what you need to do?

Maybe you feel like, while you’re committed to your relationship for the long haul, you don’t want it to be hard work?

Maybe things just haven't been the same since the kids came along?

Maybe you’re completely over all the constant, long term bickering about silly things, but have no idea how to break the conflict deadlock? or get heard?

Are any of the above You and your partner?

Hi, I’m Catriona. I’ve worked with relationships for over 20 years, and I’m thrilled to be delivering these amazing relationship workshops that are based on the highly acclaimed book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dr John Gottman and tailored specifically for Australian couples.

In one day you and your partner will learn:

•    The number one thing you should invest in to deepen the friendship base of your relationship.
•    To maintain a strong connection even when life gets stressful.
•    Understand the 2 types of problems that occur in relationships and know how to deal with them.
•    The insanely simple and easy to implement secrets behind the strongest, enduring, passion-filled relationships.

“A highlight was learning that our relationship is in very good shape and the difficulties can easily be resolved.”

“Reaffirmed that we are both committed to making improvements and we are open to having discussions about how to achieve a better us.”

Manage conflict and increase intimacy easily and effectively

The 7 Principles of Making Relationships Work is a 1 day fun, informative workshop for loved up couples wishing to enhance their relationship and reduce or avoid ridiculous conflict cycles. It’s about ACTION with practical exercises that you do in your own time- no public sharing here, folks- and RESULTS- happy couples in relationships that spark joy, fun, connection and intimacy.

“The highlight was dealing with the conflict discussions with my partner through exercises with meaningful and insightful questions.”


Everything you will learn has been developed from Dr. Gottman’s four decades of research with more than 3,000 couples. This research has focussed on what works - what makes the "masters" different from the "disasters".  

“Loved this workshop.  It was fantastic.  Presenter was extremely good at making topics clear and credible.  Really glad that we attended.”

Want to be a master and not a disaster?

I’ll teach you and your partner the practical skills and solutions to become a master of your relationship now and into the future.  You’ll leave my workshop with a tool-kit of practical tips and strategies to take the hard work out of making your relationship work- you’ll know exactly what to do when you hit relationship conflict and you will increase your intimacy and connection.

“The day reminded me of how much I love my wife and gave me ways to improve and grow our marriage.”

“Awesome! Eye opener on how to treat each other better.”

“A highlight was finding the areas I could focus on for improvement in our relationship.”

The Right time is Now

The best time for a couple to have relationship education is when they’re happy, before issues become ingrained and difficult (not impossible!) to resolve.

My workshops are perfect for:

•    Couples who would like to strengthen their connection;
•    Couples who are feeling stuck;
•    Newly married or pre-married couples who would like to learn some more skills to help their marriage go the distance;
•    Couples who have a great relationship but would like to learn a few more skills to make it even better;
•    Couples entering or in a second relationship;
•    Couples who are feeling frustrated that things are not going the way they would like right now.

"Thanks so much for yesterday, Catriona, it was amazing! We both had such a good time, like two weeks in Fiji in one day! We walked in feeling really strong, and walked out feeling invincible!"

This is what you can expect:

•    An informative, knowledgeable, funny and engaging presenter (that’s me!) with an amazing track record of success, teaching the essential skills to enhance your relationship.
•    Two comprehensive workbooks (one each! See, already easing conflict!) full of fun, quick and easy exercises that provide the skills for a fabulous relationship for you and your partner to use during the workshop and complete at home in your own time.
•    A copy of the New York Times bestseller ‘The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work’
•    Tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day.  (You will have a one hour break for you and your partner to have time together as a couple to have lunch in a nearby café of your choice).
•    A combination of videos, lectures and exercises that you do with your partner to learn the Seven Principles and how they can be applied to your relationship.  
•    No personal sharing- you won’t have to share anything about your relationship and you won’t have to listen to others sharing either. 
•    A bucket load of fun- and this stuff is fun, I promise!

“I appreciated that all the work was done as a couple with no awkward group activities.”

“Catriona is an excellent presenter and kept the mood light and momentum going all day.”


Less Fights, More Love

The price of the workshop is just  $399 per couple- 

Just $399 for the two of you
Less than dinner at a fancy restaurant
Less than a weekend away
Much, much less than the cost of a relationship breakdown!

Seriously, what wouldn’t you spend to make the most important element of your life amazing, fulfilling and happy?