Parenting 1 day Workshop Develop your kid's Emotional Intelligence by learning how to be an Emotion Coach

Children are emotional beings who need the opportunity to explore the full range of human expression.  By recognising and responding to your child's emotions you can build and increase connection and maintain this throughout the teen years and beyond.  Importantly when you do this you are building their emotional intelligence.

Research shows that children who are raised in an environment in which they are able to express and regulate their emotions have higher emotional intelligence - they are able to identify how they feel and what they need; they are able to empathise with another person's feelings and respond to emotions with appropriate behaviours in a cooperative, functional and empathetic manner.  Many studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a better predictor of life success than Intelligence (IQ).     Emotion Coaching is a research based parenting skill developed by the Gottman Institute that has been demonstrated to increase emotional intelligence. Research shows that when parents emotion coach:

  • children had higher reading and math scores at age 8 than other kids even when IQ was controlled for;
  • these kids demonstrated self regulation.  they soothed and calmed themselves quickly and easily when they were upset and had better impulse control, including during parent child interactions;
  • the kids had fewer infectious illness  - probably due to being able to calm their heartrates faster and lower stress hormones;they could better focus their attention;
  • they were better at delaying gratification - which is related to better results in high school and beyond and better adult relationships;they were better at motivating themselves;
  • they could cope better with life's ups and downs;
  • they required less discipline;they had healthier peer relationships.

After 30 years of research and reviewing thousands of studies it is clear that adults who were emotion coached kids excelled and were more successful on measures like peer friendships, getting a job and academic performance than children who were parented in other ways.  Essentially they had higher emotional intelligence (EQ). This 1 Day workshop will teach you how to:

  • be aware of your child's emotions;recognise emotions - yours and theirs - as an opportunity for connection and teaching;
  • Know what to do when your child pushes your buttons and your own emotion gets raised;
  • help your child verbally label the emotions;
  • communicate effectively to convey empathy and understanding;
  • set limits and problem solve

This workshop is suitable for parents and caregivers of children of all ages - it is never too early or too late to learn and practice emotion coaching.   It will be an interactive learning (FUN!) style of workshop and the price includes all workshop materials and take home notes, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Research has shown change happens faster with a friend - When learning how to do something differently it helps to have a buddy to support each other and troubleshoot issues as you begin to implement what you have learnt.  This buddy could be the child's other parent or a friend with children at a similar stage. To encourage buddy learning when 2 people register and pay together the second person is half price.