catriona lightfoot

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"Life is about connection -to ourselves and others.  When we can connect lovingly to those we love our life is happy and fulfilled. Connection101 is my service to you to help you realise your relationship and personal goals." Catriona Lightfoot

Hi and Welcome,

I am a Relationship Counsellor and accredited Social Worker with 20 years experience of working with families and communities in crisis to uncover their strengths and help them achieve their goals.  I am passionate about relationships and doing all that can be done to make them loving, fulfilling and life enhancing.  I also know that sometimes this requires change and that this can be hard, especially when we are talking about patterns of behaviour that have been ingrained in us since birth.  But I know what can happen when even small changes are made and my goal is to instil hope for you that anything really is possible, while providing you with the support and skills to get you there.  I believe that you can have everything you want from any of your relationships if you focus on it and are willing to do the work to get there.

Whilst working with relationships in crisis is a large part of my work, I know that prevention is better than cure and my workshops provide an opportunity for you to develop and improve your relationship skills no matter where you are at.

I am a daughter, sister, partner, mother, step-mother, friend, neighbour and colleague (in no particular order!) and I also run and contribute to a number of community groups.  I understand that any of these relationships has the potential to cause problems from time to time. When things aren’t working the way we would like, this provides an ideal opportunity to learn how to do things differently.

As a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers, I adhere to it’s standards for professional practice. I engage continually in professional development to enhance my skills (I particularly like the courses at the Gottman Institute in Seattle - just sayin!) and I love staying at the forefront of the theory and practice as it relates to strengthening individuals and couples and their relationships. You will always get the latest in innovative, evidence based practice from me. I have even had couples say I make it fun.

I look forward to helping you achieve your relationship goals and dreams.